Body Opponent Bag BOB

punching dummyI remember the very first time I saw a body opponent bag. My son was taking a martial arts class and they were focusing on self defense. The instructor rolled BOB out of the corner and into the center of the room. A silence fell over the crowd as all of the kids stared at the face of the punching dummy. I admit, the whole thing looked kind of silly, but the face on this free standing punching bag was intimidating.

I was thinking about purchasing a punching bag for use at home, so I paid very close attention to BOB. I was looking for a bag that both my son and I could use and so far this one looked like a winner. The kids really loved the fact that there was a face to this heavy bag. It gave them something to focus their aggressions on. As silly as it sounds, it actually gave the bag some personality.

When the class was over, I approached the instructor. I wanted to know more about the Bob bag and who better to tell me than a martial arts instructor. There were some questions on my mind. I needed to know where to find one, how easy it was to use, and what problems I might face if I ordered a body opponent bag. He told me everything that I needed to know and I went home to do some more research.

Important: Do not skip over this next little tidbit. If you do, you might be wasting your money on your next punching bag purchase.

3 Important Facts About This Body Opponent Bag

This is a free standing punching bag

What does that mean to you? It takes up less space and does not require a hanger. Traditional heavy bags not only require a hanger, but they become permanent fixtures. That was one reason that I did not want a traditional heavy bag. I did not have the free space to dedicate to a punching bag. I needed something that I could move into place when I wanted.

The actual punching dummy is attached to a round base, which makes it easy to roll

The base is made from Polyethylene. This base must be filled with water or sand in order to keep it stable. You are going to be hitting BOB pretty hard and often. If you fill the base entirely it will weigh around 270 pounds. I don’t know about you, but for me that is pretty heavy. I would have a hard time moving it if I filled the entire base. I experimented and only filled it about half way. It is very easy to move out of the way. I also used sand instead of water. They are water tight but the idea of that much water leaking onto my floor did not sound good at all.

The BOB bag is soft, but not that soft.

Make sure you protect your hands with some wraps, or better yet some wraps and some gloves. Working out with this bag is so much fun that it is easy to get carried away, and if you do not protect your hands you could do some serious damage.

What is BOB made from?

The body opponent bag is made from a high strength, resilient plastisol. Without getting too technical, plastisol is basically a soft rubber like material. The entire outside of the punching dummy is made from this material. This is what gives it the realistic feel. It almost feels like skin. It is the most realistic looking bag on the market today.

Under the skin is a rigid high density urethane foam. Foam does not sound all that durable to me. When I think of foam, I think if the soft NERF products that I played with when I was a kid, but I could not be more wrong. This foam is completely different. This type of foam is used in construction. They make buildings and support structures from this stuff. It is really really strong. The whole point is that this punching bag is extremely durable. It will last for many years to come.

Adjustable Height

The height of this bag can be adjusted to fit your needs. It is adjustable from five foot six inches tall all the way up to six feet. That six inches of height adjustment makes a huge difference on targets.

I mentioned this before, but I really love the fact that you do not have to hang this bag. That was one of the best selling points to me. You can use this punching dummy in an apartment, garage, house that you own, house that you rent, gym and even small bedrooms.

Body opponent bag in action.

Matt Smith, a First Degree Black Belt in Shaolin kempo karate practices his crushing blows with the Bob bag.

Matt is studying martial arts at Villari’s Martial Arts.

Bob bags are an excellent way to practice focused attacks that are otherwise impossible on other types of punching bags.

What are the benefits of using this type of punching dummy?

There are so many benefits to using this body opponent bag that it is hard to find a place to start. BOB serves many purposes in my house. Using this bag is an excellent way to train for many different styles of fighting. It is not just for boxing. You can also practice just about any form of martial arts on BOB. He doesn’t care. He takes punches, kicks, flying kicks, knees and more. It makes an excellent Muay Thai bag.

f you are training there are no bags that give you real targets like BOB. You can practice your jabs, punches and even uppercuts, all with laser precision accuracy. You have a human like target to focus all of these moves on. You can workout your entire upper body. Go for the chin, eye, jaw, ear, chest, solar plexus and even below the belt.

You can also practice different choke holds and strikes that would be impossible with any other type of bag.

BOB can even take the abuse of blunt weapons training. You can strike him with batons, nunchucks and bos or staffs. Don’t get crazy with any sharp weapons though. These will cut up poor old Bob and make him useless.

Great for kids

Getting kids to exercise can be tough. Teaching them self defense can be even tougher. That all changes once you introduce your kids to a punching dummy like BOB. He looks kind of scary and my kids really get into punching him. It gives them excellent targets to focus on. This builds their hand eye coordination much better than playing video games. My kids actually request to play with BOB. Just make sure you protect their hands if they are going to be hitting BOB for any extended periods of time.

On Halloween, I dress BOB up as a pirate at put him at the front door for all the kids. It gets some really funny reactions!

Excellent Cardio Workout

If you are looking for a way to raise your heart rate and get some much needed cardio, then go a few rounds with a Body Opponent Bag. You will be sweating and getting an excellent cardio workout.

Relieve Stress

This is something that many people deal with on a daily basis. It is not healthy to just ignore it. You need to get rid of that stress buildup and I have found what I believe to be the best way. I take it all out on BOB. If I have had a bad day. I take out all of my frustration on the bob bag. I relieve stress and get and excellent workout at the same time. I have even gone one step further. I printed a picture of my boss and taped the picture to the bob bag. This is always fun! Instant stress relief, Instant Frustration Relief, Instantly get rid of pent up energy!

Any Complaints?

I wouldn’t consider any of these to be complaints, but I thought I should mention them. This body opponent bag is not cheap, but it has been worth every single penny. When you consider the fact that you do not need to hang it, and it can be moved from one room to the next fairly easily, then price does not become an issue.

I mentioned that I filled the base of my punching dummy with sand. This took quite a while to do. The actual hole that you pour the sand into is quite small. Other than that this punching dummy has been one of the best investments I have ever made.

Bob does comes with the industry standard one year warranty.

Where can I find the best price on a BOB?

Prices are always changing, but I found the best price for this Body Opponent Bag at Amazon. I trust them and I already had an account there. I have been buying from them for quite some time and I have never had any issues. See the price on Amazon yourself and see how much you can save!